Nell Smith, one of the Research assitants with Audubon measures and weighs "Patience" the final Common tern Fledgling of the 2019 Stratton Island season. Zeke Smith also pictured (right) and Parker Davis (left). The former is the island's supervisor and the latter is the other research assistant.

I have been living and working in the outdoors for over a decade as a field biologist, experiential educator, and tall ship sailor.

Most recently, I have worked as a field biologist for the National Park Service, National Audubon Society, and other organizations and research labs in Maine, Alaska, and throughout the Four Corners of the Southwest.

My primary interests are ornithology, biodiversity, natural history, conservation biology, science communication, and arts-science integration.

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Mahoney, Sean M., Anna Nellis B Smith; Peter J Motyka; Erick J Lundgren; Matthew J Johnson; Raemy R Winton; Bo Stevens. 2019. Russian olive habitat along an arid river supports fewer bird species, functional groups, and a different species composition relative to mixed vegetation habitats. Journal of Arid Environments. Vol 167: 26-33.


2020: Smith, Anna Nellis and Merkle, B.G. Meaning-Making in Science Communication: A Case for Precision in Word Choice. In prep for the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.

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