Visual Portfolio

I have training in scientific illustration and my photography has been featured in various newsletters and publications, including:

Orion Magazine, Murmuration Section, 2021
The Fourth River, 2018

  • Scientific illustration of Pondersosa Pine feating bark, needle and whole tree.
  • Roadside desert at sunset shown through a window with raindrops
  • Pages from field notebook showing panga fisherman pulling in nets
  • An Eastern Meadowlark (Lilian's) singing from the top of a fencepost
  • Scientific illustration of horse skull from three angles.
  • Three Common Terns diving aggresively with rocky coast and ocean in the background
  • Watercolored infographic of fig wasp life cycle
  • Reflection of mountain in the salt river at sunset
  • Photo of sketchbook and watercolors with desert valley in the background
  • Least Tern chick with one Least Tern egg and one Common Tern egg.

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or commissioning.